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Shop Terrain

Almost a month into winter and I’m already longing for the daisies, tulips and all things green that come with spring. Now don’t get me wrong, I do have lots of love for winter white snow, hot cocoa and warm fires, but there’s nothing like bright green leaves budding from the trees and that deep breathe of fresh air that comes during warmer months. Thankfully I was able to get my fix this week while shopping and dining at a local indoor garden and home store called Terrain.

Upon entering the front glass atrium doors I found myself immediately surrounded by colorful orchids, green succulents, cacti and a wide variety of house plants.

The home section had fun items for the kitchen, bathroom, and living room areas. Terrain’s style reminded me of what you might see in the Anthrolpogie home section with more of a garden twist. Hummingbird nectar, gardening tools, books about house plant care, lavendar soaps, blown glass dishes and stoneware were among the many items available for sale in the store.

This Terrain location also had an eat-in cafe, Terrain Garden Cafe, which had a yummy brunch menu including many organic and vegetarian items. The Nutella French toast caught my eye because…Nutella! So I ordered that and Leo went with the eggs Benedict. We split the house frites while waiting for our meals which were crisp and well seasoned! There was also a full bar so Leo tried the Bourbon lemonade and I went with the non-alcoholic Elderflower spritzer.

We were both really happy with the presentation and taste of the meals as well as the friendliness of the cafe staff.

I wouldn’t call this your everyday breakfast spot, as entrees were at least $3-$5 more than your standard restaurant. But for a special ‘treat yo self’ brunch date that we were on, I would definitely recommend trying Terrain’s Garden Cafe.

If you don’t live in the Connecticut area to pass by the Westport location, there are 3 other locations, one in Pennsylvania and two in California, as shown on their website. So, if you’re nearby one of these, definitely plan a time to go for some home decor inspiration and either a special date or girls brunch to try it out!

Food, drinks and all the pretty green things make Terrain a must-do to help cure any of your winter blues!

Sunshine & happiness,


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